Habanos S.A. is the arm of the Cuban state tobacco company, Cubatabaco that controls the promotion, distribution, and export of Cuban cigars and other tobacco products worldwide. The word habanos means literally something coming from Havana, and is the word used in the Spanish-speaking world for Havana cigars and, now and then, cigars in general.

Habanos S.A. owns the trademarks of every brand of Cuban-made cigars and cigarettes in the countries they are exported to and franchises the La Casa del Habano chain of cigar stores. To control distribution and protect against counterfeiting, Habanos S.A. exports to only one company in each country:

  • Hunters & Frankau for Great Britain and Gibraltar
  • 5th Avenue Cigars for Germany
  • Intertabak for Switzerland
  • Pacific Cigar Co. for most of the Pacific Rim.